We are used to seeing the world through all forms of media. The newspapers, television reportage, social media and in various other forms online. What we propose with this project is a reactionary take on current commentary. Instead of having a blog or posting on Facebook the things you see elsewhere, we rely on the theatre machine. 
We will share all the source material for the machine so that anyone can:
  • Copy 
  • Change 
  • Execute 
  • document 
  • share
By going viral the true collective force of human beings might be rediscovered. MOTW theatre machine is for everyone to enjoy. MOTW is pure shareware with each map execution an event in it self. All Mindgroup asks is that the execution of the theatre machine/ mapmaking be documented. Either by photographing the finished map and mapmakers or information on why the map was not manifested. All you have to do is to copy the source material, transform it, and execute the map-making. Please document it and then share. Send your submissions to thelordofthewasteland@internet.isWe will then share it here at .